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Mobile Setup Guide

Install Nemonic app on your mobile to print your labels and memos

Nemonic Operation, Windows Installation, Mac Installation, Using Templates, Using tools, Printing

Related Frequent Questions

Printer Error

The printer beeps after I insert paper and close the cover.

When you insert paper, you should pull the paper out of the paper outlet slot a little before closing the cover.
If you close the cover after simply inserting paper, the printer beeps.



Available Cartridges

What kind of paper types and sizes are available?

Following paper types are available for the Nemonic Label printer: Every label cartridge for the Nemonic Label printer uses water-resistant paper.  Paper for the sticky note cartridge is not water-resistant, but specially coated, so it is easy to wipe up water from it, and you can use it without smearing.



What programs and apps can I use?

Below are dedicated programs available by OS


Mobile App

How can I create a New Memo on the app?

Referring to the below links, install the mobile app.


Mobile App

If the app is deleted, are all saved notes deleted as well?

If the content created from a Microsoft Office program is printed as cut off in the middle, or a blank copy comes out, check if the paper setting is incorrect.
Unless otherwise set, it is set to 3” x 3” by default. Change it to the size of the paper inserted in the printer.


Mobile Device

Can I use the Nemonic printer from other apps such as Gallery and Gmail?

Yes. For Android, download and install Nemonic Mobile Print Service Plug-in from Google Play Store, and you will be able to print directly from other apps such as Gmail and web browsers that support printing options.


Do you have any questions about using the program?