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Learn Menu

1. Menu

Run the app, and a window will appear as below.

1. Menu

① New Memo: Open a new memo window.

② Options: Show the submenu.

③ Change Edit Mode: Switch to the text edit mode/the image edit mode. The default is the text edit mode. It is the menu used when editing after inserting an image or images.

④ Screen Capture: Switch to the screen capture mode.

⑤ Print: Print the current content.

⑥ Number of Printing Copies: Set how many copies of the same content to print.


2. Submenu

Click on the Options menu, and the submenu will appear.

2. Submenu

① Save: Save the current memo.

② Load Memo: Load a saved memo.

③ Load Image: Load and insert an image file.

④ Memo Color: Change the color of the Edit window. It is not relevant to the printout color.

⑤ Change Memo Size: Change the size. Select the size identical to that of the paper inserted in the printer.

⑥ Change Sticky Side Orientation: Changes the orientation of the sticky side. If you are using label paper, you don’t have to change it. It applies to sticky memo paper only.