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  1. Install
    Make sure to disconnect the Nemonic Label printer from your PC before installing the program.
    If you install the program under the state that the Nemonic Label printer is connected to the PC with a USB cable, an error may occur.
    Click on the link below to download the installation file.

    Download the Installation File
    Link: Nemonic PC App & Driver Package

    Run the downloaded installation file.
    Read terms and conditions, and check “I agree” to continue the installation.

    After installation, connect the Nemonic Label printer to your PC.

  2. Connect
    Use the USB cable provided to connect the printer to your PC.
    The cable provided by standard is a USB A to A cable.

    If your PC has USB C type ports only, use a USB hub.

  3. Use the Nemonic App
    Run the Nemonic program. A window appears as below.
    Click on the Options menu icon to open the submenu.
    From the submenu, select the Change Memo Size icon.
    3” x 2” (80mm x 56mm) paper is provided by standard on printer purchase.
    Click on the applicable size icon to change the size.
    The program window will be resized.
    Enter a test content and click on the Print icon.
    If the program is correctly installed, it will be printed within two to three seconds.

    If not printed, you may check two cases as follows:

    1. Program installation error
      • Delete the program and install it again.
    2. USB cable connection error
      • If you are using a cable other than provided, use one that is as short as possible.
      • If you are using a hub, use a powered one.
      • If the USB port of your PC does not provide sufficient power, your PC may not recognize the printer. Therefore, use a powered USB hub to connect it.
    If not printed, refer to the below link.

    Link: I installed the PC driver, but I cannot print.