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Print What You

NEMONIC LABEL Smart Label Printer for Your Business Make your own label and stick it on your product with NEMONIC LABEL.
Our label printer helps your small business to enhance its appeal to customers.


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Quick and Easy Customizaion of Small Quantity of Labels

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Feature Description

  • Small Business Friendly

Providing intuitive solutions with easy-to-use interface

  • PC & Mobile Compatibility

Available for editing and printing on Android, iOS, Window and Mac

  • Compact Size

Small and compact size with NO space constraint

  • Various Paper Types

Offering 4 sizes of label papers and 4 colors of sticky note papers

  • Durability

Completed 20km printing test

  • Reliability

Nemonic’s follow-up model which won CES Best Innovation Awards

Impress YOUR customer

Do you want to give handwritten thank-you messages to your customers? All you need to do is take a picture of the memo and print it. Give a special impression to people around you.

Make YOUR business

Is it too much to order label stickers in bulk but difficult and cumbersome to make them yourself? Make easy and fast label sticker and put on your product anytime, anywhere.

Design YOUR products

It offers 4 types & 4 sizes of label paper. Use various sizes of label paper for products and packages You can design your own products with a NEMONIC LABEL.

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Nemonic Label

Compact size that can be used without space restrictions